February 7th – 11th 2014 Salerno – Fabro – Firenze – Fiorenzuola, Italy – Carona – Frutigen, Switzerland

Driven distance on February 7th – 11th 2014: 1360km (850 miles)

Driven distance total: 90’420km (56’180 miles)

Somehow it took a bit long until we were finally back home! We tried to postpone the end of this absolutely fantastic trip as far as we could :-)!


Besides the weather we liked it a lot in this beautiful Italy. One stop we took was in the gorgeous Firenze, where we acted for the last time on this trip as proper tourists :-)!


We were a bit afraid about the border crossing Italy – Switzerland. First of all we a strange, unusual roof rack above the hood :-) and besides this we still had the “Made in India” license plate in the front. All this was of course besides some other, not Swiss government approved, Landy specific modifications :-)!

Luckily was almost nobody there and we passed between some confused persons :-). Otherwise we probably would have tried to bribe the officers with 5$ – „African-Style“ ;-)


After one night in the Ticino (beautiful Italian part of Switzerland), we continued through the 17km (11 miles) long Gotthard Tunnel (with 70km/h (40 mph) since Landy has some problems) and soon after we had to face reality :-)! Everybody was very happy when we arrived at Maryse’s home and somewhat later we got completely surprised by 2 cars full of best friends!!


The End