January 30th 2014 Eilat – Mitzpe Ramon, Israel  

Driven distance on January 30th 2014: 160km (100 miles)

Driven distance total: 88’770km (55’160 miles)

The ongoing trip across the rocky desert landscape was fantastic and diverse! The roads were not like in Africa full of holes or donkeys, but rather just like back home. Therefor I, Stefan, as the driver, was able to enjoy the surrounding landscape quite well ;-). We found at the Makhtesh Ramon crater a cozy campsite and could enjoy the landscape and silence since we already arrived at 3 PM.


January 31st 2014 Mitzpe Ramon – Sde Boker, Israel  

Driven distance on January 31st 2014: 60km (40 miles)

Driven distance total: 88’830km (55’200 miles)

In the crater area were also a few geological unique features to see. At one of the places were several, different colored earth piles visible. Another place contained numerous smaller square shaped long blocks. We got a fantastic view over the whole crater area in the nearby town of Mitzpe Ramon. Also unusual were the big rams with their long horns that were strolling around in the middle of the town!

We suddenly discovered a huge gorgeous canyon on our way to Ashdod. In addition we found just the perfect place to spend the night with a spectacular view to the canyon. Nobody, besides two young soldiers that first misinterpreted the car as ice-cream wagon ;-), disturbed our peaceful evening.


February 1st 2014 Sde Boker – Ashdod, Israel  

Driven distance on February 1st 2014: 200km (120 miles)

Driven distance total: 89’030km (55’320 miles)

How beautiful! One of our last breakfast with the Landrover and having one of the greatest views of all during the breakfast! After the breakfast we went down to the Ein Avdat National Park to enjoy the breathtaking scenery, since Ashdod, our final destination in Israel, is only about 3 hours away!

Later on in Ashdod, we explored the port area to figure out where we’d have to go the next morning.

We met once again Emma and Mike from England at the overnight place at the beach about 15km (10 miles) south of Ashdod. Since it was our last night camping on the beach on this trip, we enjoyed a few beers :-)!


February 2nd 2014 Ashdod, Israel  

Driven distance on February 2nd 2014: 30km (20 miles)

Driven distance total: 89’060km (55’340 miles)

We walked into the office of our port and customs agent around 9 in the morning. Everything went quite quickly; we got the right papers, and soon we were able to drive the cars into the port area. There are also here increased Israel-style security measures. Once again were our passports checked and both of had to answer separately several questions. Questions as for example how long we know each other, why we travel with a car, why we don’t just get in an airplane and fly to the Bahamas ;-), Why we went to a county like Iran, why we’d have so much money and so on were asked! Friendly we answered all the questions and soon the port journey went on. The ship wasn’t yet in the port, unfortunately, so we had to spend some hours in a shopping mall. In the evening, everything went quite fast! Our taxi, with a port permission, was already waiting in front of the shopping mall. Security check, passport control, driving the car onto the ship – everything went unexpectedly fast and easy, and soon we were entering our cabins!


February 3rd – 7th 2014 Ashdod, Israel – Salerno, Italy (Ferry)  

Driven distance on February 3rd – 7th 2014: 0km (0 miles)

Driven distance total: 89’060km (55’340 miles)

We spent the first day in the ship at the harbor. Finally we left the place at 10:30 PM! Now about the ship! The cabins were OK and the toilet/shower were good! A bit annoying was the high room temperature and the absolutely dry air inside the cabins. Our cabin didn’t have a window, unfortunately!

There were another 3 tourists from England and Holland, about 70 to 80 years old, that were on the ship besides us and the English couple Emma and Mike. Those 3 tourists were spending 5 weeks on the ship and we were glad that we could leave after 5 days!

The food was in general quite good. But it was often the same and was served one by one. First a soup, then some potatoes and finally some thin beef.

A highlight of the trip was the visit to the engine room! The engine and additional equipment had a frightening size :-).

We had a bit less options than on a real cruise ship to spend the free time. But at least we had some laying chairs, a Ping-Pong table, a foosball table, some gym machines (which had a un-attractive appeal to us) and books and magazines.


We arrived in Salerno, Italy after nearly 3 ½ days on the sea! We finally were able to drive off the ship around 10 AM, even though the ship arrived at 5:30 AM! Welcome to Bella Italia :-).