Iran – UAE:

Date:              January 2012

Ports:             Bandar Abbas – Sharjah (Dubai)

Procedure:   Medium! Be there in the morning, even the ship leaves in the evening.

Costs:            880$

Remarks:      High clearance on ship! The ship leaves twice per week, Monday and Wednesday.

The ticket can be purchased 1km east of the harbor (directly at main road). Information you can get at 4*hotel near the “city center”.



UAE – India:

Date:              March 2012

Ports:             Dubai (Jebel Ali) – Mumbai

Company:     Secoshipping; e-mail:

Procedure:   To get into the “free zone” in Jebel Ali was a little bit annoying.

The rest was going without bigger problems!

Costs:            2’300$ (including insurance over 35’000$; 1.5%)

Remarks:      Shipped 1 20-foot container. Everything worked out fine. Price didn’t change from beginning to end. Recommended! Good Job Secoshipping!!



India – Malaysia:

Date:              July – August 2012

Ports:             Kolkata – Kuala Lumpur (Port Klang)

Company:     Uniworld; e-mail:

Procedure:   In India more or less OK! Make sure you stay until car is fixed in container! Otherwise car will have scratches from latching! Be careful with locking boxes etc, they broke the roof box to see inside!! Nobody felt responsible for broken box, which got broken in India!!

In Malaysia you need Insurance before you can receive the car back! The Insurance must be ICP (International Circulation Permit) approved. Insurance you can get at Uniasia insurances.

Costs:            1’600$ (including insurance over 25’000$. Insurance was approx. 50$)

Remarks:      It took more then 4 Weeks from car drop off until pick-up! In Malaysia annoying progress due to insurance problems, slow process of agent and 4 day festival (ship arrived August 12th; car pick up August 24th!). Price changed by 200$ in India due to customs problems. All together not recommended!



Thailand – South Africa:

Date:              March – April 2013

Ports:             Laem Chabang (Bangkok) – Cape Town

Company:     - Thailand:               Nisarat Khongphetsak Schmidt

KPS International Trade (Thailand)Co.,Ltd.

Tel: +662-9798912


- South Africa:          Weda Waidyaratne

                                                      AFRO-ASIAN LOGISTICS SA (PTY) LTD

Tel: +27 (0)87 150 1540


Procedure:   Nothing unusual!

Costs:            - Thailand: 89’000 THB (ca. 3000$)

                       - South Africa: R11’700 (ca. 1300$)

Remarks:      Very professional work in Thailand as well as in South Africa. Always quick response and very helpful! Were present when container got sealed in Thailand and were present when seal got removed in South Africa. 3 days after drop off the ship left, and 2 days after ship arrived we picked up the car! Price changed about 300$ in South Africa. Highly recommended! Great job on both sides!



Sudan – Egypt:

Date:              January 2014

Ports:             Wadi Halfa – Aswan

Agent:           - Sudan:                  Mazar Mahir.

Tel: +249 (0) 122 380 740



- Egypt:                    Kamal

Tel: +20 100 532 2669



Costs: 750$! Approx. 470$ in Sudan (for 2 tickets in a cabin, the car and the Sudan agent) and 280$ in Egypt (for Egypt agent, insurance, customs, port fees, Egypt license plates).


Remarks:      The car is shipped one week after we took the persons ferry.

You must have the carnet de passage. Make sure it is valid for Egypt as well!

Mazar and Kamal can be trusted! Try to organize as soon as possible to get a cabin for the ship!



Israel – Italy:

Date:              February 2014

Ports:             Ashdod – Salerno

Company:     Grimaldi. To purchase a ticket you have to go through an agent.

Agent:           Fay:


Procedure:   Nothing unusual!

Costs:          1’900 Euro! 1’625 Euros for the ticket (500€ per person + 625€ for the car (over 1.9m)) + 275€ port and port agent fees in Israel!

Remarks:     Everything worked OK!