Our vehicle:


After a long search we finally found something. It wasn't easy at all. Not too big, but still plenty of space. Not too expensive, but still well equipped. Not too heavy, but all-wheel drive and off-road. And for environment reasons, we wanted a vehicle that has not a high fuel consumption. So really difficult.

We were more looking for something we could live well in than something we could ride great with.

Since we travel rather slowly and comfortably, a sofa and plenty of space are more important than 75mph (120 km/h) and gliding along. If it rains for a week, a comfortable sofa is more important than 200hp. So we are happy with 103 hp and are always the first in traffic jams on the mountain roads :-). Hard to believe, but compared to the Landrover, the Iveco is the much bigger "tractor". And since we were able to experience almost 120°F (49°C) on the last trip in India, it was a no-go for us not to have air conditioning. And what do we have now, an Iveco without air conditioning :-) Funny fact, from an outside temperature of 110°F (45°C) it is more pleasant to drive with the windows closed.. :-)


Fact sheet: 

Iveco 10W40 year 99, Turbo Daily 2.8L, 103PS (bought in 2017)

4x4, low gear, 3 diff locks

LxWxH: 6m x 2m x 3m

Water: 80 Gallons / 300L - Grey water: 37 Gallons / 140L

Diesel: 63 Gallon / 240L, Consumption loaded: 18 miles per Gallon / 13L/100km

Solar: 165W / Batterie LiFePo 90AH (Without sun enough for 4-6 days)

Gas tank: 9 Gallon / 35L (Cooking, Stove, heating)

Heating: Central heating with coolant-circulation and radiators. Heatable with Gas / Diesel / 230V / Engine heat

Cabin: Self constructed, GFK. Insulated, incl. drivers door (No passanger door) as well as double glass windshield



See details when opening the pictures!


Prepare our Iveco for the trip..

The room layout with bed, sofa, bathroom, storage space, etc. is ingenious with this extension and corresponded exactly to what we were looking for. This is also one of the big reasons why we chose this vehicle. However, we still had some work to do before we could start.