About us


Dear friends from all around the world

The time has come, again...

The smell and the vibes of the beautiful wide world has awakened our spirits. The urge for freedom wants to be released and the soul needs to go out there :-). We are very happy that you visit our web page with interesting reports and pictures. 

Also our Camper, the Iveco, wants to enter again the whole wide world. Smelling the bad roads, feeling the put holes and swallowing crappy fuel. 


About us:


We've been a couple for about 10 years. We started our last trip (2011 - 2014, Europe - Asia - Africa) as friends and came home as partners :-).

Maryse, 1983

Stefan, 1975


Why are we making such a long journey? And what fascinates us about travel?


On the one hand, because of course we love to travel. We find it exciting, not knowing what to expect. Pure variety! We are fascinated by discovering foreign countries. Fascinated by the cultures, religions and customs with all their facets. We like to hear stories from the locals and see a little of their everyday life.

We like to try unfamiliar food and have often ordered something without knowing what was going to be on the plate.

Last but not least, we are friends of nature. We love discovering the countless natural wonders and beauties of the world.


On the other hand, certainly also to escape from working life and everyday routine for a longer period of time! Neither of us are very attached to our jobs. We longed for a change. If we didn't like to travel, we probably would have changed something else in our lives.


Furthermore, we also make such a trip to have more time to ourselves than at home when we work and lead a "normal" life. More time to cook, read, listen to music, learn languages, learn to juggle etc. and quite simply more time “to be” and enjoy.



Why are we traveling in a camper?

This gives us a relatively high level of independence. We don't have a rigid itinerary, we can stop and stay where we like on the fly. We love camping in the great outdoors, which is relatively easy to do in our travel countries.

In the camper, we also have a certain level of comfort that we don't want to do without. A real bed, a kitchen and toilet and we are protected from wind and weather. Compared to backpacking, there is no need to pack and unpack or search for a hotel.



How can we afford not to work for so long?

We are fortunate and appreciate it being born in a country where it is relatively easy to save money. We have no children, had reasonably well-paying jobs before our trip and didn't spend the money we earned lavishly.



What did we do for a living?

Maryse: Clerk at a land registry

Stefan: Process engineer at a machine manufacturing place



Are we afraid of not finding a job anymore?

No. Fortunately, unemployment is very low in Switzerland. If you have an education and are not extremely picky, you shouldn't have any major problems finding a job again.



Responsibilities during the trip:



- CEO 50%

- CFO ($£€) 30%

- Navigation

- Travel planning (74%)

- Housekeeping manager

- DJ (82%)

- Food Manager and Chef de Cuisine

- Locator of patisserie cafes :-)

- Photographer and Author (50%)



- CEO 50%

- CFO ($£€) 70%


- Driver (94%)

- mechanic

- Webmaster

- Photographer and Author (50%)